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ctephin - Leaves from the Book of Changes

RNO Sampler #1

Vladislav Buben's
Lost World compilation

Buben - Welcome to the Digital Grindcore

Griaule - The Second Release

Ghoul Detail - Residual Tremors

Munitions Factory - Tracks for a Polluted Mind

Ghoul Detail - Regale Me with Tales of My Own Demise

the Hematurge - Songs from the Electric Gutter

Torturing Nurse videos

Dolmen Sniper - The Earth Died Streaming

Aboolele - The Yellow Space Between the Sun and the Darkness in You

Gaop - Xircusm Xissionn

Ventochild - thisismyanticonformistalbumihopeyoullenjoyit

Ventochild - Implant Electronique

Noizefist - Talk to the Fist

Rubbish - Upwardly Failing, Downwardly Mobile

Cyrill Duneau's
Browsers In Arms compilation

Ghoul Detail - Until the Day I Die

Skvarka - Last Fall

Buben vs Rabbit Girls
To Belarus & Back vol.1

Autopsy Protocol vs N3bur

Ventochild vs Ctephin

Ctephin - Omicron Epsilon

as the Feedback Potato

Bardoseneticcube - Time of Mars

Gas Satori

[this is] drt vs Random Insults - 6 Mixes for No Cash Whatsoever

Static Field - Into the Sun

F.U.S. - Funhole

Aboolele - Toxic Siesta

Gaop - Negative Rain Transmissions

Watchmenmk - 2014

[this is] drt - Reproduction

Damno Te - Foam from the Sea

Realicide - live @ Roil Noise July 2006

Mystified - Within Reach

Esrom Cole - Zero Zero

KRLL - Plus One

Gonroise - 585

0301 - the album

Rubbish - Knives & Milk





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