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The Book of Changes project is ctephin's musical interpertations
of each 64 hexagrams of the classical i-ching. The following tracks were selected by Roil Noise with permission from ctephin and represent a small sample from the whole project. These are Leaves from the Book of Changes...

Sung - Conflict
5:20 / 7.3 MB
Heaven and water go their opposite ways : The image of CONFLICT. Thus in all his transactions the Superior Man Carefully considers the beginning. Hexagram 6 from Part 1

Yu - Enthusiasm
5:16 / 7.2 MB
Thunder comes resounding out of the Earth : The image of ENTHUSIASM. Thus the ancient Kings made music in order to honor merit , And offered it with splendor to the Supreme Deity , Inviting thier ancestors to be present. Hexagram 16 from Part 2

Sui - Following
5:23 / 7.4 MB
Thunder in the middle of the lake : The image of FOLLOWING. Thus the Superior Man at nightfall goes indoors for rest and recuperation. Hexagram 17 from Part 3

Heng - Duration
9:35 / 13.1 MB
Thunder and Wind : The image of DURATION. Thus the superior man stands Firm, And does not change his direction. Hexagram 32 from Part 4

Hsieh - Deliverance
8:33 / 11.7 MB
Thunder and Rain set in : the image of DELIVERANCE . Thus the Superior Man pardons mistakes and forgives misdeeds.
Hexagram 40 from Part 5

Kou - Coming to Meet
8:59 / 12.3 MB
Under heaven, Wind : The image of COMING TO MEET. Thus does the prince act when disseminating his commands and proclaiming them to the four quarters of heaven. Hexagram 44 from Part 6

Ko - Revolution [molting]
10:49 / 14.8 MB
Fire in the lake : the image of REVOLUTION. Thus the Superior Man Sets the calendar in order and makes the seasons clear. Hexagram 49 from Part 7

Before Completion
5:10 / 4.7 MB
Fire over Water : The image of the condition before transition.Thus the Superior Man is careful in the differentiation of things,so that each finds its place. Hexagram 64 from Part 8

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this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License