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attention: 2/13 - accepting submissions for release on a limited basis



Q. Just who are you people?

A. Roil Noise is a US label based in Kansas City, MO operated by NxFx, (Rabbit Girls) and co-founded by Pat Cooksey, (Rubbish). RN is an outlet for audio and visual debris. Not a business, and not even a label, really. It just is, like it or not.

Q. Are you serious?
A. Yes.

Q. Would you be interested in a trade?

A. Yes! We're always up for doing trades, especially trade-for-distro type arrangements.

Q. What is Roil Noise Rubbish?

A. Roil Noise Rubbish is a subsidiary part of the label featuring limited edition and hand-made releases by RN co-founder Pat Cooksey. For anything RNR related, you'll need to contact Pat.

Q. Can I release something on Roil?

A. Only if we like it and we have the time / money.

Q. What formats do you accept for a master?

A. Will only accept a hard copy, (audio / data disc) or .wav files sent electronically. For net releases we will accept only 256 or 320kbps mp3s.

Q. How many artist copies do I get?

A. How many copies do you reasonably need?

Q. How many copies of my release will you make?
Most RN releases are DIY and unlimited supply, made on an as-needed basis. Some releases are limited run, usually editions of 50 or 100.

Q. What kind of promo will my release get?

A. None, other than copies sent out in trades and promos sent out for review or with orders. Promoting your release is mostly up to you. Roil Noise does not advertise.

Q. When will my release come out?

A. It's just a matter of time and money. Every time you ask, it gets postponed one month.


Q. Can you set up a show for me in your area?

A. No.

Q. Will I get paid?

A. No. But you'll always be able to get copies of your release at cost + shipping to sell yourself.


Roil Noise Records

Kansas City, Missouri
MiddleWest, USA