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Solumenata - From Gehenna to Elysian Fields

The WYRM (2000-2011) project is now defunct and all activities have ceased. 11 years the archetype had been explored and exploited - new territories will be mapped out with Solumenata…

Solumenata, WYRM co-founders Liz Lang (aka Auracene) and Allan Zane with the addition of PBK, have embarked on a new musical journey taking them out of the "darkness" and into an almost bone-bleaching "light". Six months even before the release of the farewell WYRM CD, Solumenata debuted with their first LP 'Aeriform' on the Russian SEALT label in the Summer of 2011. In less than three months, the LP sold out.

1 track - total running time 1 hour

inkjet printed CDr w/ insert in a case

1st 33 copies of 100 include additional disc of live performance in Columbus, OH 2/30/12





















© Liz Lang & Allan Zane/Solumenata 2015