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Northampton, UK

Ghoul Detail is the sound of dirt, mixing layered drones and looped distortion into bleak sonic landscapes. Textured audio is used to twist sound into visual imagery, sometimes uneasy and unsettling but often ironic and surprisingly playful.

The Ghoul Detail sound could be described as experimental, industrial, ambient, or noise, but blurs the boundaries between them so as to annoy those that feel the need to pigeonhole everything they listen to.






9:50 | 13.5 MB

Memorial to Nothing
13:38 | 12.4 MB

Well of Souls
10:04 | 13.8 MB


RN discography | Complete Discography

ctephin + Ghoul Detail - Dislocated Cadence split 2x5" cdr

Empathy for Nature 5" cdr

Only for the Lonely 5" cdr

Ghoul Detail + Rabbit Girls - 2nd Symphony of Malfunction 5" cdr

Ghoul Detail + GDR 5" cdr

The Mutual Death Pact 5" cdr
(collab of Ghoul Detail & Android In Motion)

Escape 5" cdr

Beyond the 7 Doors - a tribute to The Beyond 5" cdr

Split 5" cdr with Mystified

Killer Of Men 5" cdr

Poles Apart 5" cdr

Living On Borrowed Time 5" cdr

The Ghoul Box 5x5" cdr box set

Grind Your Children Into Dust 5" cdr

Smoke a Bowl or Two 2x3" cdr

Dirtpipe Monarch 5" cdr

A Forgotten Moment of Spiritual Inaccuracy 5" cdr

Split 5" cdr with Cracked Dome

Monument 5" cdr

Until the Day I Die web release #20

Garden of Earthly Delights podcast | newsclip.jpg

Regale Me With Tales of My Own Demise web release #9

Residual Tremors web release #6 | review by Aural Pressure

The Smell of Rejection 5" cdr

Strung Out in Skogar 5" cdr | review by Aural Pressure


older mp3s

Ghoul Detail sample pack - 8.1 MB zip file contains 52 192kbps mp3 samples
drone and drumloop sound files available to use in your music / audio project in any way you see fit