Static Field - Into the Sun

Static Field is the noise project of Phil Garrison, whose Wavespan LP, released in early 2006 by Monotonik was hailed as...
"One of the best ambient releases on any netlabel to date," - (Alex Young, Milieu)

For his first Roil Noise release, Garrison guides us into a harsher realm of ultra-harmonics.
Phil sent a mix called "Trouble in Sector 3," a noise collage he made from several Roil Noise artists' tracks,
I liked it and wanted to hear more, so he created a full-length release which became Into the Sun.

Into the Sun is a concept in noise. It tells the story of a doomed crew of space travelers hurtling toward the sun.
As hope was fading, they began transmitting distress signals in a final plea for help... unfortunately, their broadcast was corrupted by the sun's magnetic field.
This final transmission is all that remains of their fateful voyage Into the Sun.

Performed, produced, recorded, and mixed by Phil Garrison

Additional Sounds:
"Trouble in Sector 3" - Roil Noise Offensive artists (Meisterpiss, Omeggga:Blue, Rabbit Girls)
"Solar Wind" - Ryan Villegas
"Into the Sun" - Gerard Egan & Eric Reed
"Helios" - Ghoul Detail

Some rights reserved under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.
Static Field thanks: the source of all sound, Noah and all at Roil Noise, and the artists whose work has inspired my own